Father and daughter

Want to continue working at the age of 66. But how? It started as a joke, but now it's a fact; jewelry label PAPA ET MOI.

"That way at least you know for sure that the jewelry you buy will last a lifetime."

PAPA ET MOI invents, designs and makes unique, elegant, handmade, but affordable gold jewelry. Only 14 kt gold is used. That way you can be sure that the jewelry you buy or give as a gift will last a lifetime. Every piece of jewelry is inspected and provided with a recognized quality mark (Guarantee Act).
We try to match all designs as closely as possible to what you like! Do not expect gigantic collections, but plenty of choice and an ever-changing range. Be surprised!


PAPA ET MOI was founded by father and daughter.
PAPA - Piet-Hein has more than 40 years of experience as a goldsmith. With a father as a jeweler, he was introduced to the job.
and MOI - In addition to PAPA ET MOI, Madelein has been working in PR, marketing and communication for many years. She helps you find what you are looking for; a handmade, 14 karat gold piece of jewelry. With pleasure!