Our favos for Valentine
With the word Valentine's Day I think of roses, balloons in heart shape and Forever Friends bears. I also know that things can be done differently. A breakfast in bed or a sweet message on a Post-it, as far as I'm concerned. You can make it as crazy as you want. 
And if we still talk about it ...

Let me tell you a few of our favorites: ' Ilona ' is a 14 carat yellowgold , flat ring with a golden ball on top. Wear this gem as a ring on the rest or as the only one on your finger. This ring will look great on you! 
'Ophelia' consists of a 14 carat, gold necklace with a pendant. The two golden (14 carat) circles are no longer separate from each other. Handy! ;-) 
And then there is 'Fabienne' A perfect Valentine's gift, because' she 'simply appeals to everyone!   
They are all gems. I'll send Valentine a message; 

-) Can you use some help with buying a ring for your girlfriend for example? Then read here our handy article in which we give you tips on how you can make the best choice for your lover! 


Ps. You can order a ring in half and full size. Do you doubt between two sizes? Then choose the larger size. Look at ring size to determine what your size is. 
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